East Coast Smokinwood

Norfolk, Virginia

Corporate office:

5441 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Virginia Beach, VA

(757) 773-1740

(757) 773-1740

Business Hours:


Closed: Sunday - Thursday

Open: Friday & Saturday

10am - 5pm

* Please call if you have a special need.  

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We never try to be the biggest...just the best!  We have some of the best customers/clients a business could ever ask for!  

If you have a question or comment, visit our About Us page or email us at eastcoastsmokinwood@yahoo.com

We create and deliver every product with care.  We offer many different varieties of sizes to accommodate everyone and their BBQ's.  Click on the Wood Types page to see prices and available quantities we provide.

No matter the size of the BBQ or smoke box, we have a size for you!



East Coast Smokinwood offers the best quality wood for adding delicious flavor to any meat!  We take great pride in the organic products we produce.  We offer fair prices on exeptional products!  Click on the Wood Types page to get descriptions and recommendations for all the woods in stock.