"Smoking meats have been made better by using East Coast Smokinwood!  Just showing my friends some good eats, you can't beat bills meat, hahahaha.  Enjoy the summer and grill out, it's family friendly!"   - Bill/Elizabeth City, NC

"Tried my hickory for the first time today and I'm very pleased!  Never smoked before and it turned out very good.  Next time I'm going to put some seasoning on my chicken and really show off for the fellas.  Thanks for helping me take my grilling to another level!  May God bless the business with great prosperity and your family with great health!"  - Rookie Smoker Will

"We love using your wood, it's always so moist and we never have to soak it!  It smolders for a long time!"  - Fred & Anne/Norfolk, VA

"My wife loves the Pecan, I prefer the Cherry!"  - Ross/Virginia Beach, VA

"You guys are the only people I know that have the type of wood I need!"  

- Allen/Norfolk, VA

"Brisket, using white oak and pecan!  The wood I got from East Coast Smokinwood made it possible!"  - Tony/Virginia Beach, VA

"LOVED the Cherry wood, first time using anything besides Mesquite and I don't think we will ever go back.  Next try is the Black Walnut, but man, we're loving the Cherry."

- The Wright Family/Norfolk, VA

"I did 2 pork butts for 13 hours with your wood and it turned out phenomenal.  I used the Cherry only.  Love it!!!"  - Smee/Norfolk, VA

"I did the chicken with Black Walnut and Cherry.  Turned out really good, not strong and just right.  Thanks for the advice!  Best way to grill in my opinion."

-  Randy/Hampton, VA

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